Talks and Workshops

2013 – Present
Work / Talks

I really enjoy talking to and teaching people about things that excite me. In the past, I've given talks and held workshops about UX, Front-end Development, Web performance and rapid prototyping which were attended by fellow students. Some of my slides are embdedded/linked here for your viewing pleasure.

Intro to Front-end Tooling and Workflows

CS196, March 2016

CS196 is a class offered to CS freshmen and non-majors, and aims to teach them skills required in the industry that they probably won't learn in class. They called me in one afternoon to talk about how Front-end development can be less painful than it first appears, keeping in mind that they were only just learning about it. I aimed to keep things simple and show them how embracing modern tools can make web work less frustrating. See my slides here:

Intro to Interaction Design and Prototyping

SIGCHI, ACM@UIUC – October 2015

I gave this talk to introduce SIGCHI members (mostly freshmen engineering students) to Interaction Design with a focus on rapid prototyping before they started their semester-long projects with the hope that it'd help them build better and iterate faster. See my slides here:

UX isn't just a buzzword.

SIGCHI, ACM@UIUC – November 2014

Slides for a talk at one of ACM@UIUC'S SIGCHI chapter meetings. This one focuses on introducing engineers to the concepts behind good UX, and why+how they should keep it in mind while building software. As a follo-up to this talk, I spoke about improving UX on the web through better web performance and best practices. I've consolidated both decks below.