Louie is named after the puppy who sat at my feet while I was writing it.


Static Site Generator powered by GulpJS
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Another static site generator? Yep.

Louie came to exist in a very, uh, roundabout way. I had to build a site with lots of pages, but a rather standardized set of styles. The initial idea was to just have something that would compile Sass and reload my browser when I made changes. Eventually, I realized that I really needed to have templates and partials too, because copy-pasting markup changes and correcting typos in 8 different files was going to be a pain. And then, what if I ended up having more than just 8 pages, or eventually needed the ability to change layouts based on routes?

You see where this is headed, yeah? I mean, I could've used an existing static site generator like Jekyll, but I wanted to keep it simple and limit dependencies (can't promise that I succeeded with that one – thanks, npm!). I also didn't need markdown support. I had enough custom markup on each page that markdown wouldn't have been all that useful, or could've complicated things further.


This isn't a fancy new open source project that's going to get 10k stars on GitHub. It's a (fairly opinionated) little utility that helped me get stuff up and running really quickly without having to worry about some of the mundane tasks that come with developing a static website. To be fair, it isn't even a static site generator in a way. It's a gulpfile that does a lot of different, useful things and spits out generated markup and styles. The reason I'm happy with it is because it's an easy, elegant solution to a problem I always face with new projects, and will likely save me time in the future. I hope others find it useful too! Check it out on GitHub and let me know what you think!