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Engineering Intern, Summer 2013
Work / Creative Market

In the Summer of 2013, I was an Engineering intern at Creative Market — an online marketplace for 'mouse-made' design goods. I worked as part of a 4-person team, developing and shipping features that CM users loved, and I had a blast. Being the only technical intern meant that I had my hands in multiple pots at the same time. I shipped the Creative Market 'like' button, re-worked the user settings page, worked on the Admin Panel and helped establish a front-end styleguide. I also helped build an early version of product embeds and the follow button, which were launched later as part of the Creative Market Partner Program.

Challenges: I worked at Creative Market right after my freshman year of college – I'd never seen a codebase even remotely as big as the one I worked with there. Just learning how to navigate through it, sticking to language-specific conventions and the internal code styleguide and going through code reviews was a task in itself. I learnt a lot, but my biggest takeaway from the whole experience was that it's worth it to go the extra mile for your user. The Creative Market community was an active one, and building features that they requested was an awesome experience just because of the positive feedback we got once they went live.

My work focused on product growth, user onboarding, and improving UX across the site – I got to play around with a lot of A/B testing tools and usage data! Here are some of the things I touched while at CM.

Newsfeed Quick-actions

I added a quick-action bar to every newsfeed item to increase engagement, and give users easier access to commonly performed actions across the site. Hovering over newsfeed items brought up the 'like', 'share' and 'add to collection' buttons. Before this, they'd have to open the product page in the a new tab, and could perform the same actions there.

Item page Sidebar

I also added tiny details like these when no one was looking.

I refactored the way sidebars were implemented on product pages. I reduced the different types of rows (such as "Buy", "Share", "Like" and "Profile", as seen below) of the sidebar to individual 'modules'. I also hooked them into our A/B testing tool, so we could see which order of modules worked best.

Settings Panel

We changed the settings navigation from a dropdown menu to tabs, which made things easier for new users. This also increased conversions – more people added money to their CM account through the panel and sellers cashed out more often.

Product Embeds & Follow Buttons

I helped develop an early version of the Creative Market follow button, which could be embedded on sellers' websites. If you were logged into your CM account, it'd add the seller's items to your newsfeed. If you weren't logged in, it'd open the seller's CM profile in a new tab.

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